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Zack Snyder, the director behind ‘Watchmen‘, ‘300‘, ‘Sucker Punch‘, and the upcoming ‘Man of Steel‘ film has said he does not want to  direct the next installment of the ‘Star Wars‘ franchise.  However, he is developing a separate project of the ‘Star Wars‘ franchise in the same universe for Disney and Lucas Film, although not directly a part of the next ‘Star Wars‘ film according to Vulture.  It is supposed to be a film about the Jedi and will be loosely based on Akira Kurosawa’sSeven Samurai‘ film from 1954.

WOW.  Just think, instead of samurai swords, they will be lightsabers.  The project currently has no title and it is still unclear at what point in time this storyline will take place in the ‘Star Wars’ universe, but according to sources close to the project, it will not be one of the “numbered” episodes, but rather a stand alone film, which will take place past the events of Episode 6.  This is insane news.  Now I like Snyder and all, but he is definitely not my first choice, although I would like to see what he could do with the soiled franchise.  I know this to be sure, there will be plenty of epic slo-mo action pieces and hopefully a Jedi will kick a storm trooper and say “This…Is…Sparta!”

Your thoughts?

*********** UPDATE ****************

According to THR, Snyder is denying the previous report that he is attached to any kind of ‘Star Wars’ film, saying he is flattered as he is a fan of the franchise, but that he is too busy working on ‘Man of Steel’ and the next ‘300’ film. I’d like to say that when this kinda thing happens, it usually means somebody spilled the beans before they were supposed to and everyone is denying it until they are ready to make the announcement, probably because there are big plans to do so. Either way, we will keep you updated as we hear more.


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One thought on “**UPDATE** Zack Snyder is Prepping a ‘Star Wars Film!!!”
  1. I am not clear on what it means to say he is making a movie in the Star Wars ‘universe’, but it will not be a ‘numbered’ movie. What is it then?

    This is likely part of the reason that a lot of directors are turning down the idea of doing a ‘numbered’ episode. Disney does not seem to have a plan. They may resort to grasping at straws in order to try and recoup their sizeable investment in the brand.

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