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I have been a huge fan of Trey and Matt’s for many many years now.  They rose to fame with their hit show ‘South Park‘, and after I viewed that, I immediately had to find out what else they did.  I found our about their first film ‘Cannibal the Musical‘ and ‘Orgazmo‘, which I am happy to say that I own both those films and watch them often.  And each filmmaker in their lives at one point or another, or for many all of the time have to deal with creative control from studio execs on their own artistic work.  I’ve been there before and it is a nightmare.  A nightmare that takes the fun and passion out of your work.

This happens to be the case more so with Parker and Stone as they are always pushing the bounds and breaking new ground with their comedy and filmmaking.  However, now Stone and Parker have just started their very own movie production company, according to the NYT.  So what does this mean, you ask?  This means that Trey and Matt will be able to create film, television, and theatre projects under their own production banner, thus making them the only ones to call the shots, which they will not have to answer to anyone.  It’s like a fairytale ending.

The studio will be called Important Studios and we hear that it has around a $300 million bank account to start.  And I’m thinking that the reason we haven’t heard anything about a film adaptation of their huge success of ‘Book of Mormon‘, is that they were waiting to have full control over their own work.  Kinda like Lucas did with ‘Star Wars‘.  Now there is no news on what projects will be starting, but I can guess that ‘Book of Mormon‘ will be one of the first ones to get the green light.

I can’t wait to see what the duo have up their sleeves.


Your thoughts?

By Bryan Kluger

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