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Since the first film did very well, and yes, I did enjoy it, Hollywood is making a sequel, which is kind of odd, considering its title being ‘The Last Exorcism‘.  Will this new one be ‘The Laster Exorcism’?  or ‘The True Last Exorcism’?  or ‘The Last Exorcism: For Real This Time’?  Anywho, I’m kinda excited about this, but don’t have my hopes to high for it.

From what we know right now, is that the girl from the first film  Nell (Ashley Bell) survived the end of the film and is trying to build a new and normal life after the events of the first film.  Well, the force that possessed her the first time is back with a vengeance and has a bigger and badder evil plan, at least that is what we can tell from the synopsis.  Hope it’s a good one.




By Bryan Kluger

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