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I’ll be honest, I was dreading going to see this film, despite its trailer looking decent.  I mean, how often have we not laughed at recent comedy films with a Wayans brother attached to it.  Back several years ago, I’m sure we would all agree they were making some of the funniest films out there, but as of recent, their movies have been lacking.    But I’m very happy to say that after I walked out of the theater from viewing ‘A Haunted House‘, my cheeks  hurt from laughter.  Yes, it’s silly, stupid, and insane, but man, I laughed from start to finish, which is rare. I can easily say that ‘A Haunted House‘ is the funniest film I’ve seen since ‘Ted‘.

Now, this is not your typical ‘Scary Movie‘ type of film.  It’s not even part of the Wayan’s brothers duo.  It simply stars Marlon Wayans, and is a found footage film that takes its cue from ‘Paranormal Activity‘.  In fact, it is a direct spoof on the lucrative horror franchise complete with some of the same special effects, story lines, and characters.  But add a heavy dose of raunchy comedy that will leave you in stitches and laughing about it for days after. With a solid supporting cast of comedians and hilarious dialogue, there is enough laughs to fit into two films.


If you’ve seen any of the ‘Paranormal Activity’ films, especially the first one, you know the story.  We focus on a young couple Malcolm (Wayans) and Kisha (Essence Atkins) who move in together to start the next chapter of their life.  Very soon, Malcolm learns that Kisha has had a demon following her since she was little and it rears its ugly head and closes doors, moves objects, and flicks the lights on and off.  In what could have been the shortest film ever, Malcolm screams like a little girl with a skinned knee, running around the house packing up his stuff and leaves his girl at the haunted house alone.  I was on the floor, rolling with laughter, as this would be my plan of action.  But, luckily he cannot go anywhere as all of his money is tied up in his house and home business, and he is forced to come back.

Malcolm and Kisha’s couples friends Steve (Andrew Daly) and Jenny (Alanna Ubach) are in love with with Malcolm and Kisha, enough to swing with them, and they are completely unaware by the hauntings at the house and offer no help.  However a familiar character shows up in the form of a psychic medium, only this time played by the funny Nick Swardson, who like more to get Malcolm naked and his mouth than clean the house of evil.  Then there is David Koechner who plays a security system installer who is making a pilot reality series similar to ghost hunters.  Here is where Malcolm receives the camera setup in the house and we get that famous shot of a home video camera complete with time stamp that will detect paranormal activities. Towards the end of the film where Kisha is being possessed by the demon, Malcolm enlists the help of his priest Father Williams, played by the amazing Cedric the Entertainer who kept me gut busting with laughter every time he was on screen.



From both Kisha and Malcolm getting sexually molested by the invisible demon to both of them getting high with the evil spirit, I laughed until I had tears.  If you want a good laugh of mindless silly comedy, then ‘A Haunted House‘ is the perfect comedy.  If this is what we can expect from Marlon from now on, count me in 100,000%.  I can’t wait to see this again.


-Bryan Kluger


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