by Gumbercules9000 on Jan 8th, 2013

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Movie Quotes

Claire Cleary:
Actually Todd is an amazing painter. He's going to the Rhode Island School of Design.
John Beckwith:
Wow, that's a great school. Congratulations, Todd. That's really impressive. RIS-D!
Todd Cleary:
Yeah, Dad - Dad always thought I'd be a political liability...
[getting angry]
Todd Cleary:
...in case he ever ran for President.
Secretary Cleary:
Now, now Todd. Actually, truth be told, polling shows that a majority of the American people would ultimately empathize with our situation.
Todd Cleary:
[sharply, raising his voice] What IS our situation, Dad?
Grandma Mary Cleary:
You're a homo.
Wedding Crashers (2005) The Movie Quotes