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Netflix has just unveiled its trailer for its first original series, ‘House of Cards’, a mega budget political drama series starring Kevin Spacey, with director David Fincher at the helm. ‘House of Cards’ is based on the British miniseries and follows a sinister Congressman, Francis Underwood (Spacey) and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) who stop at nothing to get what they want, and they want everything. The series will premiere on February 1st exclusively on Netflix, where all episodes will be available at once.

Can’t wait to see how Netflix handles their first original series.  I am hoping it will be HBO quality or AMC quality.  Now, we need a trailer for Netflix’s new season of ‘Arrested Development’. Enjoy the trailer.



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Tom Ripley:
That ring is superb.
Marge Sherwood:
Oh, Tom, I love you! See?
Dickie Greenleaf:
I had to promise, capital p, to never take it off. Otherwise I'd give it to you.
Marge Sherwood:
Isn't it great? I found it in Naples. I had to bargain for it for about two weeks!
Dickie Greenleaf:
Uh, I hope it wasn't cheap, Marge?
Marge Sherwood:
Oh, it was!
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