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The season 3 premier of the zombie hit series on AMC, drew in 10.9 million viewers, which was the most watched episode of the series to date, and as also the most watched episode of any basic cable series EVER.  It even drew higher numbers for viewers under 50 than ‘Modern Family’, and ‘The Big Bang Theory’.  Zombies are taking over.  Congrats ‘Walking Dead’.

And according to Vulture, if you add up tune-in for the most recent season-premiere episode of AMC’s Mad Men (3.5 million), Breaking Bad (2.9 million), Hell on Wheels (2.5 million), and since-canceled The Killing (1.8 million), you get 10.7 million viewers — still 200,000 viewers below the ratings of last night’s monster mash.

I bet Dish Network is pissed right about now.  AMC better give every thing and anything to ‘Walking Dead’ from now on.


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