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Every Halloween, sleepy Fairhaven, Massachusetts erupts with the most ambitiously creative spookery in the world. Endless styrofoam tombstones and backyard beasts come courtesy of a few supremely dedicated local “home haunters” who’ve devoted their lives to the art of handmade monster-making. THE AMERICAN SCREAM follows three of these horrific households to uncover the triumphs and tragedies that come with carrying the blackened banner of true Halloween spirit.

From the director of BEST WORST MOVIE, Michael Paul Stephenson, comes a new documentary about Haunters, people who go beyond simple spider webs and pumpkins to creating full haunted houses in their homes. The life of a Haunter isn’t all candy corn and candied apples, but even with the bumps along the road, the passion of the three individuals featured is heart warming. This film will certainly lift whatever Halloween spirits you have.

The TICKETS are being sold thru TUGG, and will be shown at the historic Texas Theater in Dallas.  A certain amount of tickets need to be sold in order for this event to be held, so let’s all get a ticket and keep HORROR and Halloween alive.  CLICK HERE to find out more info and purchase your tickets.


Eric Kohn of ‘IndieWire’ said of this film, “Think Death of a Salesman with demons.”


By Bryan Kluger

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