You know the covers. You’ve seen them millions of times, and they continue to captivate upon every gaze. But what is behind those marvelous covers, encased in voluptuous black wax? Admittedly, we hang our heads in shame for saying this, but there are several albums from the past few decades we’ve seen on record store shelves and in ‘top ten’ lists year after year, but have yet to experience for ourselves. More precisely, we’ve never listened to these records in any shape or form.For five weeks, in what will be a five-part blog series beginning the week of August 6th, Classic Waxxx will explore and examine five of some of the most popular and illusive 1970s LPs missing from our collection, albums we’ve been most curious about all these years and give our first impressions. It’s probably a real shame we are just now getting around to some of these records, but as we profess time and time again, the music finds you when it is supposed to.

The five records we’ll be spinning and taking note of will be:

1. Patti Smith “Horses”

2. Roxy Music “Country Life”

3. Pink Floyd “Animals”

4. Kraftwerk “Trans Europe Express

5. Joy Division “Unknown Pleasures”

As summer starts winding down, the heat settles and our record player starts working overtime, this is a perfect opportunity to ingest these records at a time when our music curiosity is at an all-time high, and hopefully challenge our readers to explore these albums, too, not to mention all the other albums you’ve been curious about.

So, tune in next week for our new blog series appropriately titled, “Unknown Pleasures.”

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