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Warner Bros. has been great at keeping its third Batman film The Dark Knight Rises a secret.  That is until now.  Warner just released a 49 page document that give details about the film’s plot, dialogue from the film, interviews with the cast and crew, and basically just everything you wanted to know about the film.  There are tons of behind-the scenes info on the document as well.  So for you hardcore fans who can’t wait till July 20th, CLICK HERE  for the PDF of the massive document and roll around in all the information.

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Dr. Laurel Weaver:
What's with the cat?
Cop in Morgue:
Oh, the cat. Yeah, well, there's a problem with the cat. Sign here.
Dr. Laurel Weaver:
[signing] What's the problem with the cat?
Cop in Morgue:
It's your problem. Heh heh heh.
Dr. Laurel Weaver:
I hate the living.
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