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Neil Gaiman is returning to the Sandman universe with artist J.H. Williams III on a new series based on his iconic graphic novel series.  The new project will be a limited series for DC’s Vertigo label.  Gaiman made the announcement via video at a panel at Comic-Con.  Needless to say, the crowd went wild.

The new mini-series will be published in 2013.  Gaiman said he felt “there was one tale still untold” for The Sandman. Let’s not forget the anniversary of the Sandman is coming up.  It will be its 25th anniversary.  There is no title yet, but I expect that to be released sometime shortly.  Not only will we be getting a new Sandman series, but we will get Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ television series on HBO coming soon.

All good news here.  Your thoughts?

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