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One of my favorite villains in fiction history is that of ‘The Governor’ from Walking Dead’.  Kirkman made him a complex man who is as sadistic as he is crazy.  And I have been waiting to see this character come on the small screen on the AMC series.  So this tells me, the group is going to finally leave the farm soon, we will meet the badass girl Michonne, and somebody who is a main character will die.


David Morrissey will be ‘The Governor’ starting in season 3 according to Tvline..  Morrissey has done quite a bit, but nothing really familiar.  Here is his IMDB page.   While I would have gone with Danny Trejo, I’m curious to see how David will play this iconic character.  Also, all you fans can rest easy and put to rest the rumors that Michael Rooker’s character will not be the governor.

I’m excited for this.  Your thoughts?


By Bryan Kluger

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