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So we have written about the upcoming ‘300’ prequel a few times on the site and what the whole gist of the story will be about.  Seems like progress is being made on the project and Warner Bros. has found their lead.  Actor Sullivan Stapleton will play Themistokles in ‘300: The Battle of Artemisia’ which will be directed by Noam Murro.


At first, it was rumored that Sullivan would take on the Xerxes role, but now the actor who originally played Xerxes, Rodrigo Santoro, is in talks to reprise his role he made so famous.  Sullivan was in ‘Animal Kingdom’ recently, ‘Darkness Falls’, and the upcoming film ‘Gangster Squad’.  And Noam Murro directed ‘Smart People’ with Dennis Quaid.


I hope this prequel is as much fun as the first film.  Only time will tell.  Your thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “See Who Will Take The Lead in the ‘300’ Prequel, ‘300: The Battle of Artemisia’!!!”
  1. “300” was a deeply flawed, inaccurate and overtly racist film that does not deserve to be repeated. Unfortunately, there is an audience for such crap. I worry about the future of the film industry and our world when half-truths can be stylized in such a way as to perpetuate stereotypical images that play to the most base societal insecurities.

  2. It was great entertainment! That’s the problem. In the course of being entertained, a much darker message was glossed over for the moviegoer: “we” have to protect our Western culture from those Eastern heathens who defile themselves and who celebrate physical deformity, mysticism and sexual deviance. The “bad guys” in this movie(notwithstanding Dominic West’s character) was an entire Eastern culture/peoples. And the Delphic Oracle is cool, because they wear white robes. Yeah, right!

    Sorry. Did not read the graphic novel. I am sure that the movie did a good job in re-creating the novel.

    “The Immortals” movie left me cold. But, that is another story.

  3. But wasn’t the whole point of the war that Xerxes and his army were killing masses of innocent people who didn’t bow to him and follow his rule? I also thought the Immortals film could have been better. There were a few good scenes though.

  4. I feel like this movie is being taken way too seriously… This is a movie based off of a comic book. I don’t even know if I would call it racist, as much as I think it’s really just xenophobic.

    The story of scary, foreign outsiders taking on the under-equipped, out-manned ‘home team’ is nothing new in stories or movies. Lots of movies from Star Wars to Miracle do something like that…

    If everyone in the movie is the ‘good guy’, how is the reader/viewer supposed to get emotionally involved with the story?

    It’s a movie about scantily clad men, not a history lesson… let’s not give it too much credit.

  5. The Spartans are the scantily clad ones. When I’m saying the movie plays off of natural xenophobic tendencies, I’m referring to the viewer… It gets the viewer to say “They’re different, and that scares me!”

    The more different, the more scary. It creates a vehicle that makes it easier to get the viewer to align themselves with the protagonist (who’s more like me). Similar cheats are having the hero with an animal in the introduction scene.

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