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A bit of sad news. Davy Jones, lead singer of The Monkees has died of a heart attack in Florida this Wednesday morning.   Jones, 66, leaves behind his wife, Jessica, and four daughters from past marriages.  Davy is knwon for his band ‘The Monkees’ with hits like ‘Daydream Believer’, and I’m a Believer.  They had their own show and were well loved around the world.    Sad day.


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Jason Bourne:
You sent me to kill Wombosi.
Kill Wombosi? We can do that any time we want. I can send Nikki to do that, for Chrissakes. Mr. Wombosi was supposed to be dead three weeks ago. He was supposed to have died in a way where the only possible explanation was that he'd been murdered by a member of his own entourage. I don't send you to kill. I send you to be invisible. I send you because you don't exist.
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