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This is going to be a wonderful VALENTINES DAY, because the sequel to the one of the most controversial films of recent memory will be released on February 14th in all it’s gory…errrmm….glory.  The bluray looks to have a bit of extras and it will have that glorious HD transfer so you can see all the gooey insides.


The bluray will have a 1080p transfer with  DTS-HD 5.1 audio mix to knock your socks off.  Because of course, we want to hear people defecating in other people’s mouth on the full surround sound.  It will be a family viewing experience.  And extras will include: Commentary with Tom Six and Laurence R. Harvey; Interview with Tom Six; 3 Featurettes (Set Tour of Warehouse, Foley Sound Effects, and Making the Poster); and Deleted Scenes.


So, I hope you do the right thing and get your loved one this movie for Valentines Day.  It really shows how much you care and love them.




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Movie Quotes

[Captain Typho is trying to talk Padme out of leaving Coruscant without protection]
Captain Typho:
My Lady, let me come with you.
There is no danger. The fighting is over, and... this is personal.
[Typho bows]
Captain Typho:
As you wish, My Lady... but I strongly disagree.
I'll be all right, Captain. This is something I must do myself. Besides, Threepio will look after me.
Oh, dear.
[Typho leaves; Padme and C-3PO board the Naboo skiff; Obi-Wan sneaks on board]
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) The Movie Quotes