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Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under/American Horror Story/Scent of a Woman) has just landed herself the lead role in NBC’s upcoming sci-fi drama called ‘Beautiful People’.  The project, written by Michael McDonald, is set in the near future in a society where humans co-exist with mechanical androids that look like people but are treated like second-class citizens. It centers on the very wealthy Lydia (Conroy) whose late husband founded the firm that makes Mechanicals.

I just love Conroy in anything she is in.  She was amazing in ‘American Horror Story’ and she was just phenomenal in ‘Six Feet Under’.  I know she will be perfect in this role.  I’m curious to see how this all looks.  I wonder if the androids will look human or if they will show all the mechanical workings of them.  Who knows? Conroy joins previously cast James Murray and Patrick Heusinger.


Your thoughts?

By Bryan Kluger

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