Emma Stone To Star in ‘Little White Corvette’!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jan 5th, 2012

Hi Bryan Here…..

‘Superbad’ and ‘Easy A’ actress Emma Stone has just signed on to a new film called ‘Little White Corvette written by Michael Diliberti who wrote the screenplay to ’30 Minutes or Less’.  And it seems that GK Films purchased the the film for $1 million dollars up front for starters.  I’m guessing this happened since Emma Stone might get nominated for an Oscar for her role in ‘The Help’ as well as her upcoming appearance in the new Spider-Man film.  So, with Emma signing on to the film, the studio is all behind this film.

‘Little White Corvette’ is about a nerdy guy and his wild older sister who travel to Miami to try and sell a million-dollar stash of ’70s cocaine they found in the trunk of their late father’s car.  I can totally see Jesse Eisenberg or Michael Cera in the role as the nerdy guy.  I’m a fan of Emma’s work and this story seems pretty good so far.  Keep your eye for this one.



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