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As you may notice today, tons of websites are going “dark” today in opposition of the SOPA bill that congress is currently weighing in on.  Boomstick Comics will not be shutting down for this.  We will be be delivering you all the latest awesome entertainment information, trailers, reviews, and all sorts of other goodies until a lawyer calls and tells us we can’t anymore.  Even then, we will fight it.  Websites like Wikipedia, Fark, and Reddit are going “dark” today.  Basically these two bills” SOPA/PIPA” will put an immediate end to internet freedom and sharing information as we know it.

Basically the internet and Boomstick Comics would get a permanent vasectomy.  Everything cool would be taken away and your favorite sites like Boomstick Comics would be shut down permanently.  If these bills pass, all the internet freedoms and information would be controlled by the largest corporations and the government.  So, I understand why these big corporations want to end piracy.  But they are going about it completely wrong.   Yes, the corporations want to make money on their product, but when they do not give it to the artists themselves who created it, and then want to stop people from sharing simple information, that’s wrong.  Isn’t that what the internet is for and why it was created?  To share information with others instantly?  For example, you can share your location at your favorite restaurant with others with pictures, you can find any recipe for your favorite food on your phone, you can watch any trailer for an upcoming film and comment how much you love it, you can locate through gps almost any object, you can read reviews of books,movies, and television.  And with all of this, you can share with others your adventures, thoughts, and experiences.


Boomstick and I work very hard to give you early reviews of movies, dvds, scripts, interviews, and entertainment news.  Why?  Because it’s what I love, and what a whole lot of others love as well.  I have done this over the past few years without a thought that I can be sued or shut down.  Well, if these two bills pass, then that all wil change.  Everything would come to a slow crawl, and all stories would have to be heavily edited and chewed on.  And the comment section would most likely have to be axed.


To quote a Kevin Smith film, “What the fuck is the internet?”  “The Internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to bitch about movies and share pornography with one another.”  This would be no more if these bills come to pass.


Another thing to consider is what if these bills pass and additional “evil” bills come to pass because of this.  Such as a rated “G” internet bill or family friendly internet where no cursing is allowed on the internet?  Great!  There goes me fucking rants on George Lucas and Star Wars.  COCK!  Turst me, this wouldn’t be far off.


All in all, there is a a little thing called Freedom of the Press.  Look it up.  You might have heard of it.  And I think the great minds who came up with that would be completely in awe and proud of the internet.  Society has changed with the expansion of civilian reporting on their phones and personal blogs.  It has connected people from around the world with their love of every topic and item.  And SOPA and PIPA would destroy all of that and be put in the hands of the government and large corporations.


I love every Ernest movie, I cried at Kong Kong, and I own every John Waters film.  And I love telling you all about it.  Please go to the links below and tell your representatives that you oppose the SOPA and PIPA bill.  Tell them how you personally feel on the matter.  If you enjoy getting on line 24 hours a day and looking at your favorite movie website, sharing your experiences, touring NBS studios and sharing pictures of your adventure, or looking up information on your favorite athlete, actor, or hero; then go to the links below and tell your reps you OPPOSE these bills.





Much Love-


Bryan Kluger

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