CSI Finally Caught Elizabeth Shue!

by Gumbercules9000 on Nov 22nd, 2011

They’ve been trying to catch her for years, and were finally successful. CBS’ hit crime drama CSI has gained a new female lead after the departure of Marg Helgenberger (who played the female lead Catherine Willows opposite Ted Danson.)

Elizabeth Shue, an Oscar nominee for Leaving Las Vegas (1995), will play an embittered CSI agent fresh from anger management courses, reportedly fired by D.B. Russell (Danson) some time before. She will arrive on February 15th and keep up a regular spot. This is Shue’s first major TV role since Call to Glory, though she also had a two-episode stint on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

CSI is now in its twelfth season and still holding terrific numbers. Helgenberger started out in Season One, and her character will continue to appear in guest roles. The show will air on Wednesdays this season at 10 PM.

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