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I remember watching Degrassi growing up way back when it first started.  It has changed quite a bit in its 10th season but the core of the stories are still there.  I remember when Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob) got involved with the Degrassi franchise.  This 10th season had 44 episodes and was previously known as Degrassi: The Next Generation but dropped ‘The Next Generation’ part for this 10th season.  This was quite fun to watch, but I’d imagine teens and pre teens would enjoy it more than I did.


This 10th season follows the lives of a group of high schoolers ages 16-18, as they deal with all the highs and lows of being a teen at high school.  This includes: alcohol, parties, drugs, bullies, dates, sex, and rock n’ roll.  This season doubled the order of episodes and aired new episodes a few days a week for the first 24 or so episodes.  I wish networks did that for some of my favorite shows.   Below is a breakdown of each episode.

“What a Girl Wants” Part One

Holly J. says goodbye to Declan and New York only to arrive home to find out that her parents sold their home and will be moving into an apartment due to their financial difficulties. She thinks she has the title of Student Council President sealed, but is surprised by the popularity of Sav. A redeemed Fiona introduces her new boyfriend, Bobby, to a seemly over-protective Declan. Dave makes a list of the hottest Degrassi girls to impress Alli, but there is an error in the computer programming, and Alli is ranked low.

“What a Girl Wants” Part Two

Holly J. enlists Anya to fake a pregnancy in order to make Sav quit the election. However, Sav uses it to his benefit and vows to Anya that he will be there for her while she’s “carrying” his child. Alli makes a “Biggest Losers” list and puts Dave at the top as revenge for her being low on the hottest Degrassi girls list.

“Breakaway” Part One

Fiona confides in Declan about the truth about Bobby, but Declan has doubts. With advice from Holly J., Declan sides with Fiona when he sees her bruised leg and advises Fiona to press charges against Bobby. Fiona’s mother tracks her down to Degrassi, and she tells Fiona that they will hire a lawyer. When Anya comes clean to Sav that Holly J. talked her into faking a pregnancy, to make him drop out of the election race, they team up to use the sympathy card, and Sav ends up winning by 17 votes. Meanwhile, Jenna overhears Clare and Alli’s conversation about surgery, and misinterprets it as breast implant surgery, when Clare was really talking about being a candidate for laser eye surgery.

“Breakaway” Part Two

Mrs. Sauvé suggests that Holly J. takes an SAT prep course, but due to her family’s financial difficulties, she can not afford it. Envious of Fiona’s free spending of money, Holly J. uses the password Fiona told her in confidence, to get into Fiona’s bank account, and “borrows” $2,000. She ends up feeling guilty and breaks down to Fiona about the situation. Holly J. apologizes, promising to pay her back somehow, and Fiona forgives her due to the fact of their lack of friends, and they only have each other to rely on. Meanwhile, Clare finds out about her rumored boob job, and that Jenna was behind it all. Anya lies to the school to save face, and says that she had a miscarriage. Sav lies to his mother about why they were alone together in the house, and Anya breaks up with him.

“99 Problems” Part One

Riley competes against eleventh grader rookie Drew for the first quarterback position on the football team. Zane also signs up to join the team, much to Riley’s discomfort. However, Drew overhears Riley and Zane in the gym talking about Riley’s sexuality, and Drew then threatens to tell the whole team about it, unless Riley backs down from competing for quarterback. Alli tries out for the power squad to be in the popular crowd, but finds out how tough Chantey is. After she doesn’t make it, she becomes upset, until Clare suggests she start a club of her own. Meanwhile, K.C. is becoming more popular with the girls after joining the football team, and triggers his girlfriend, Jenna’s jealousy.

6 “99 Problems” Part Two

Riley and Owen play a prank on Drew by tying him to the school’s flag pole in his underwear. Drew does not tell anyone who it was, even though he knew, in order to have another thing over Riley, in order to get the starting quarterback. Alli makes a dance crew for the popularity. However, her plan to create her own dance crew backfires, leaving her alone. Meanwhile, Jenna looks at K.C.’s phone, fearing that he was talking to other girls, and finds out the K.C.’s mother is trying to get a hold of him, now that she is out of prison.

“Better Off Alone” Part One

K.C.’s mother shows up, despite his attempt to avoid her. She tells him she had an apartment, and is seeking custody of him. After a talk with his social worker, he is still unconvinced she is a changed person, and searched her apartment when he’s invited over. In English class Clare is assigned a work partner, Eli, who convinces her to break out of her shell, and express herself. Meanwhile, Alli asks Dave how to ask a boy out. Dave who is still crushing on Alli, thinks she is talking about him. Dave tells her to throw a party, and with her parents and Sav out, she does.

“Better Off Alone” Part Two

K.C. wakes up with Bianca and Fitz, after a night of drinking, and he is still mad at his mother. At first he tries to legally stay at the group home, but after an intervention about his behaviour, he changes his mind, and decides to stay with his mom. Fearing that her parents may get a divorce, Clare is encouraged by Eli to write a letter to her mom, for English class. She does, but is hesitant to tell her mom. Meanwhile, Alli is having trouble getting Drew’s attention, after their night of making out.

“I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself” Part One

Holly J. and Sav hold a ‘Hands on a Car Body’ contest for four concert tickets, using Sav’s dad’s truck. Not having anyone to give their extra tickets to, winners Eli and Adam give theirs back to Sav. He sells one to Bianca to pay for the new tail light. Eli and Adam ask if Sav can take his dad’s truck to the concert, but when Sav tells his dad the tail light got smashed, he says Sav can not go to the concert. Fiona’s mom has left town and told her to see a therapist. Fiona makes plans to spend time with Holly J., but her schedule is too filled to spend any time with Fiona. Jenna got a new uniform for the Power Squad calendar shoot, but she can not fit in it. She thinks that she’s getting fat, and tries to work out. After, Bianca told the power squad that she can get fat absorbing pills, and Jenna asks her to get some.

10 “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself” Part Two

Sav decides to take his dad’s truck to Hamilton for the concert with Adam and Eli. This does not work however, when his parents return home before they are back, and report the truck stolen. Resulting in Sav getting tickets for speeding on the way back, and driving a stolen truck, and being grounded for two months. Bianca, riding along, also gets a record for under aged drinking. Jenna decides to take diet pills in order to lose weight, but the side effects eventually catch up with her at a photo shoot practice, before she accepts her body, and orders a new uniform. She finds out in a later episode, that she is actually pregnant. Meanwhile, Fiona is feeling lonely enough to buy a small pig. Holly J. comes to her rescue after she realizes how not having friends has affected Fiona.

“Try Honesty” Part One

Holly J. starts worrying that Declan is cheating on her with Vanderbilt girls when he tells her he is planning a weekend trip to Yale, and finds pictures of him with another girl on Fiona’s computer. She tries to find a job, to relieve her financial woes, but decides to fly to New York to be with him. When he insists she stay in Toronto, Holly J. decides to break up with him, and does it on his voicemail when he does not pick up his phone, only to find him at The Dot. Wesley and Connor convince Dave to form a band, The Three Tenors, in order to score with the ladies, but find out Dave is not a great singer. Meanwhile, Fitz’s bulling is getting worse, and Eli, with Adam’s help, draw a truce with him, promising a fake ID. However, they produce one with the name of a person on the list of Canada’s Top 10 Wanted.

“Try Honesty” Part Two

Holly J. rethinks her relationship with Declan when he asks her to come to New York with him but she still cannot because she has SATs planned for the weekend, and she has to help her parents move. Things get even worse between the two, when Declan starts offering her money, to relieve her problems, and they get into a fight, resulting in their break up. Eli give Fitz the fake ID, and calls the police when he has it, resulting in Fitz getting arrested, and not ending the bullying. Meanwhile, The Three Tenners record a demo, and Dave gets auto-tuned to sound better. At first he hates the truth about his bad singing, but then accepts the band’s new sound.

“You Don’t Know My Name” Part One

Alli wants to be in an official relationship with Drew, but when she writes a paper for him, he does not want to be with her anymore. Sav and Holly J. work together on a dance for Above the Dot, when Mr. Simpson cancels the Band Slam, and Sav starts to have feelings for her. Meanwhile, Connor is staying up all night, and playing an online role playing game, where he has met a girl.

“You Don’t Know My Name” Part Two

Alli tries to ignore Drew but when Drew tries to move on, he realizes he likes Alli. When she refuses to take him back, he does all he can to get her by doing what she wants. Sav and Holly J. continue to work on the dance, and become closer. At first Holly J. is worried that Sav is just a rebound boyfriend, but they decide to keep each other company for their last school year at Degrassi. Connor sets up a meeting with the girl, but Dave and Wesley convince him not to talk to her when they see she is a much older lady.

“My Body is a Cage” Part One

Adam develops a crush on Bianca during a ballroom dancing lesson in recreational gym class. When the two begin to flirt with each other, Bianca discovers Adam’s concealed breasts while playfully pushing him on the chest. Perturbed, Bianca concludes that he is a transgender and outs him to Fitz and Owen, who react violently. Adam’s transgender status is revealed earlier in the episode when he is seen binding his breasts and again when he comes out to Eli and Clare, after Clare sees him drop tampons from his locker. Adam’s mother pressures him to dress as “Gracie” (Adam’s birth name) for his grandmother’s impending visit. Leia leads Anya on to think Anya’s mom is having an affair, but her mom tells her that it is worse. Dave tries to get Miss Oh to laugh at his jokes but she will not budge.

“My Body is A Cage” Part Two

Adam feels pressure to de-transistion from his mother and his fellow students. He decides to dress up as Gracie for supper with his grandmother. He then goes to school the next day as Gracie, and begins to burn himself. It is revealed that Adam has resorted to self harm to cope with his gender dysphoria in the past. After Clare catches him burning himself, she convinces Adam to stop trying to please everyone else, and resume living as a boy. Adam’s mother decides to accept him and joins Eli, Clare, and Drew in burning Adam’s “Gracie” clothes. Anya struggles to deal with her mother’s cancer, and sabotages a school project with Holly J. and Sav, which Holly J. took as being mad about them being together. Meanwhile, Dave is still trying to get the attention of Miss Oh, and finds out she just broke up with her boyfriend.

“Tears Dry on Their Own” Part One

Jenna auditions for a talent competition, The Next Teen Star, but is still concerned about her growing belly and other symptoms. After getting into the top 24, Alli successfully convinces Jenna to take a pregnancy test, since she admitted not always using protection with K.C., her boyfriend. The test is positive. Connor meets the lady he met online again at a gaming store, but Wesley and Dave interrupt causing her to leave. Meanwhile, Zane tries to convince Riley to be concerned about the homophobic comments in their football team, but Riley avoids all of them, and spends time with Anya.

“Tears Dry on Their Own” Part Two

Jenna must deal with her biggest fear, being a teen mother. With her parents out of the picture, and just her brother to rely on, she seeks comfort in K.C., only to find out that he expects an abortion. After finding out she is already 20 weeks along, and it is unsafe to abort, K.C. breaks up with Jenna. Although Connor gets his computer privileges suspended, he contacts the women, and she meets him after school. In her car, she gets too personal with him, and he leaves. Meanwhile, Anya and Riley are both attracted to the same doctor, and when they determine he is straight, she convinces him to talk to Zane again.

“Still Fighting It” Part One

The homophobic comments in the football dressing room get worse, and Riley starts to see how it affects Zane. Anya convinces him to attend a dealing with homophobia discussion, and he realizes that he hates himself and is taking it out on others. Riley decides to teach the football team to be sensitive to other’s feelings, only to have it backfire with a vandalized locker. While acting out the last scene of Romeo and Juliet for English class, Eli gives Clare mixed signals of his feelings toward her. When she tries to confront him the next day, he indicates that he has no feelings for her. Meanwhile, Wesley signed up to be an eligible bachelor for an auction, in hopes that his crush Anya will bid on him. He tries to have Drew help him be cool, to impress Anya, in exchange for tutoring.

“Still Fighting It” Part Two

Riley upsets Zane again when he takes things too far with Owen. His intentions were to show Owen that homophobic comments will not be dismissed, but Zane sees that Riley is just being violent. After Zane is put in danger, Riley realizes what Zane said, about violence not being the solution, and tries to win Zane’s forgiveness when he has the winning bid on Zane at the bachelor audition. Riley agrees not to fight any more, winning back Zane’s trust. Claire uses Adam to help understand Eli and find out why he has been giving her mixed signals. Clare confronts Eli at his house, and Eli drives Clare to a spot in town where his ex-girlfriend had died on the way home, by getting hit by a car while riding her bike, from an argument they had. Eli blames himself and tells Clare that he does not want it to happen again. Meanwhile, Drew tries to teach Wesley to be more confident, but with no one bidding on him at the auction, Anya pity bids on him for two dollars, and wins him, making Wesley happy.

“Purple Pills” Part One

Fiona becomes stressed when she has to record her testimony against Bobby, and self-medicates by drinking champagne, rather than taking the prescription her therapist gave her. Initially Holly J. is worried that this will affect the parent’s decision on a Vegas teamed school dance, but the theme goes ahead. After a good date with Zane, Anya again asks Riley when he is going to come out. He decides to run for king and queen for the upcoming school dance, but when the nomination list is released before the last football game, he decides to confirm his sexuality with his teammates, and Drew defends him in the following harassment. Meanwhile, Adam is feeling rejected by Eli, now that Eli is in a relationship with Clare. Adam decides to befriend Fitz despite Eli and Clare’s warnings.

“Purple Pills” Part Two

Fiona continues to drink champagne to help reduce her stress, during both her deposition against Bobby, and an exam at school. After Fiona convinces herself she is crazy, Holly J. finally convinces her stop, to take the prescribed pills, and film a proper account of the events with Bobby. When a college football scout comes to Degrassi, and offers Riley a scholarship, he begins questioning being a trailblazer for homosexuals in sport. He takes the offer after talking with Zane and Coach Armstrong. Meanwhile, Adam accepts Fitz’s friendship, until offering himself in a sparring match, and Fitz tells him to fight Bianca. The feud between Fitz and Adam escalate from a punch in the hallway, to a meeting in the parking lot, until Eli and Clare intervene to stop Adam.

“All Falls Down” Part One

After Drew realizes that all the time he has been spending with his girlfriend Alli is studying for the upcoming math test, Bianca starts flirting with him. When K.C. tells him that her invite to the boiler room means oral sex, he starts to contemplate a no strings attached fling. Fitz threatens to harm Eli, after Eli tells Principal Simpson that Fitz released a stink bomb during a test, but Clare comes clean to Fitz, and makes a deal to be his date to the Vegas night to prevent a fight. Meanwhile, Holly J. and Sav put the finishing touches on their Vegas night.

“All Falls Down” Part Two

The entire school is at the semester end event, “A Night in Vegas”. Drew feels guilty for cheating on Alli, and she finds out after talking with Bianca. Alli tries to make him jealous by going to the boiler room with Owen, but she still has feelings for Drew, and Drew’s apology gets interrupted by his mother. Clare tries to end the feud between Eli and Fitz, but when Eli’s tainted drink causes Fitz to vomit, Fitz brings out a knife in search for him. Clare immediately tells Principal Simpson, which is followed by the school being put into lock down, and the police searching the school. Fitz threatens Eli with the knife, decides not to stab him, but is still taken into police custody. Meanwhile, Holly J. and Sav sneak off to an empty room, and Holly J. performs a striptease. Following the events of the night, and school board member Mrs. Torres’ semester’s long disproval of Mr. Simpson’s principaling regarding discipline of students, he promises major changes to the school.

“Don’t Let Me Get Me” Part One

Alli must deal with an increasing rumor that she had inappropriate relations at the school at Vegas night, her feud with Bianca results in her sending inappropriate pictures of Bianca. Jenna feels pressured to have a sob story to garner votes in her talent competition, and decides to tell her pregnancy secret. Adam, Wesley, and Connor try to form a science team for an upcoming competition.

“Don’t Let Me Get Me” Part Two

When Bianca discovers that Alli sent the pictures, they fight, resulting in Alli being sent to the Principal’s office with her parents. After seeing how upset her parents are when they find out all that she has done, she decides to transfer to an all girls school. Despite revealing her pregnancy secret on national TV, Jenna is eliminated from the talent competition. When K.C. is forced to deal with the fact that he will become a father, he continues to push Jenna away, but his mother is more kind to her.

“Love Lockdown” Part One

Declan has returned from New York to attend the school theatre awards, and to win back Holly J. Finding out that she is now with Sav, it proves more difficult. Chantey tries to fight to keep the Power Squad running, but runs into blocked social network and blog websites, and a jammer for mobile phones. Clare’s parents agree to attend the awards, but fight the entire time, causing her to run out with Eli, assuming they want to have the divorce talk with her.

“Love Lockdown” Part Two

Declan and Holly J. have sex after a party at Fiona’s condo, Holly J. feels she has cheated on Sav, and despite also being accepted to Yale, she decides to break it off with Declan. Chantey’s angry note posted to a bathroom stall wall against Principal Simpson’s removal of extra curricular activities, blows up into hundreds of notes, which she decides to cover Simpson’s car with, resulting in him agreeing to open a forum. Clare continues to act out, hoping to stop her parents fighting with each other, but they divorce anyways.

“Umbrella” Part One

Clare finds out that the family house is being sold, and she will have to jump between parents. She tries to find comfort in the school’s Christian club, but instead wants to take Eli’s parent’s offer of staying the night, regardless that she would be in Eli’s room, and her abstinence pledge. Drew and Adam run a food drive, and ask Fiona to volunteer, but both are attracted to her, and try to flirt with her. Dave’s police officer father is stationed at Degrassi, and Wes does not understand why Dave is embarrassed.

“Umbrella” Part Two

Clare and Eli’s differences continue to clash, and when she works her way into his bedroom, she discovers he is a hoarder, as everything reminds him of his dead ex-girlfriend. Adam continues to have problems with Drew liking Fiona, and it is revealed that Drew thinks Adam does not deserve a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Dave tries to win back his friends by stealing a taser, and shooting Wesley.

“Halo” Part One

With Jenna’s pregnancy hormones raging, she becomes angry at K.C’s disinterest with her pregnancy, and has feelings for Sav, even kissing him. K.C. and Drew chase after the same girl. Wesley still has feelings for Anya, but begins to worry about premature ejaculation, after a nocturnal emission, before their date. Adam continues to pursue Fiona, as she misses a dance in New York.

“Halo” Part Two

Jenna’s feelings for Sav continue to fume, which Sav must dampen. K.C., less freaked out by the pregnancy, returns to Jenna’s side. When Sav comes clean to Holly J. about the kiss with Jenna, she tells him she had sex with Declan. This news causes Sav to realize his feelings for Holly J., as Jenna and K.C. help them get back together. Wesley purchases a sexual endurance drug for his date with Anya, but this causes an unwanted erection, and a trip to the hospital. Meanwhile, Adam, with the help of Clare and Eli, organize a secret party for Degrassi students, with the intention to impress Fiona.

“When Love Takes Over” Part One

It is Sweetheart Week at Degrassi. Fiona agrees to act in Eli and Clare’s play, knowing that she would have to kiss Adam. While rehearsing at her condo, she begins to drink champagne, and the pair start to make out, even after Adam tells Fiona he is transgender. After Anya’s mother’s cancer has disappeared, Anya pursues a relationship with the eight years older doctor. Dave finds Sadie, and they make a date, but he finds out she is much taller than him.

“When Love Takes Over” Part Two

After Holly J. tells Adam about Fiona’s previous drinking problems, he ignores it, and believes that Fiona loves him without being drunk. When Fiona goes too far with the champagne, he, along with the support of Holly J. and Fiona’s mother, takes Fiona to an intervention, where she agrees to go to rehab. Anya’s mother convinces Anya to tell her potential boyfriend that she lied about her age, and they agree to talk again in two months, when she turns 18. After Sadie overhears Dave talk negatively about her height, she becomes angry, but he overcomes the fear, and makes up with her.

“The Way We Get By” Part One

Despite helping the basketball team win, Drew finds he is not as popular as he was last semester. K.C. and Dave inform him that it was him cheating with Bianca, that has turned the girls at Degrassi away. Drew decides to be with Bianca, but is excluded from the after game activities. Alli has trouble making friends at her all girls school, and the one friend she invites over for the night, turns out to be using it as an excuse for her to sneak out to meet her boyfriend. After some hesitation to do something Zane is interested in, Riley attends an art showing, which leads the two to return to Riley’s home, where his mother catches the two kissing.

“The Way We Get By” Part Two

Bianca continues to be avoided by the girls at Degrassi, including the basketball girlfriends. Drew, being upset with this, takes mushrooms, and plans to skip the championship game. However, he changes his mind, and his mother stops him from playing. The friend that is supposed to make Alli looks good, causes her to get in trouble when she claims Alli was smoking. After Riley outright tells his mother he is gay, she continues to disbelieve, and he must wait for her to come to terms with it, just like he did.

“Jesus, Etc.” Part One

Fitz is out of jail, and takes a job at The Dot, and when he finally talks to Clare, he reveals he has found God, and wants forgiveness. Eli, still angry with what Fitz had done, becomes upset when Clare talks to him. While Alli is suspended from her school, Sav bonds with her. He later recruits Drew to be his drummer for a recording, but Alli finds out, and is upset, causing Sav to explode. Jenna and K.C. feel they do not know enough about children, and attend a course.

“Jesus, Etc.” Part Two

Fitz sends Clare multiple e-mails, almost to the point of stalking, wanting to talk with her. When he invites himself to her home, he explains he truly is a christian, and reveals that his drug addicted step-brother beats him. Worried Fitz is driving Clare away from him, Eli becomes upset, but Clare promises to never leave him. Alli disappears overnight, and Sav tries to convince their parents she is doing it for the drama, but she wrote in her diary she has trouble talking with her parents. Jenna and K.C. babysit a six year old for the day, who turns out to be trouble, however, they learn they will not be as over protective as his mother was.

“Hide and Seek” Part One

Holly J. and Chantay have a work placement with a city councillor, when Holly J. is already overtired, and falling asleep at school. When they find out that the placement could turn into a summer job, right before a ten kilometre run, Holly J. pushes herself too far, and becomes sick. Alli has run off to the University of Toronto, where her ex-boyfriend, Johnny, is. He tries to convince her to stop running, but she is still upset with her parents. After reading a letter Wesley wrote himself three years ago, he realizes he is still a nerd, and goes out to break a world record.

“Hide and Seek” Part Two

Holly J.’s symptoms worsen, and she tries to self-medicate, only to end up in the hospital after collapsing. Holly J. ignores the doctor, and leaves, until she loses bladder control and learns that she needs kidney dialysis. Alli tries to leave Toronto, but realizes she can not survive on her own. She decides to return home, and her parents welcome her back, wanting to have a fresh start. Wesley attempts to beat the world record for most pogo stick jumps in 24 hours, but falls and wrecks his hand.

“Chasing Pavements” Part One

Fiona is out of rehab, but still gets tempted by alcohol. She takes her mother and Holly J. to New York to testify against Bobby in the trial, and when they win, Fiona kisses Holly J. in celebration. Alli is back at Degrassi, and to keep her mind off her ex-boyfriend, she studies for a standardized math exam, even though it does not affect her grade, with Clare. Owen tries to hit on Anya, but when she becomes uncomfortable with this, she goes to Coach Armstrong, which consequently gets Owen kicked out of the CPR class he needs for a potential lifeguarding job.

“Chasing Pavements” Part Two

While Fiona is making out with Adam, she mentions how she likes him for his female body, which causes Adam to become upset. After examining her feelings for Holly J., Fiona realizes that she is a lesbian, as she has never been in love with a boy, and comes out to her mother, and Holly J. Alli promises the grade ten class a school dance if they do well in the math exam. Alli becomes close with Drew, under the watchful eye of Bianca, during studying, and the class gets their dance. Anya again talks to Coach Armstrong, letting Owen back into the CPR class, when he gives her a thank-you hug, he cups her breast, causing her to humiliate him in front of a group of girls at The Dot.

“Drop the World” Part One

Eli has become so close with his girlfriend Clare, that she says he is suffocating her, and asks for a break for a couple days. This is the weekend he planned a road trip on the anniversary of his ex-girlfriend’s death, and he becomes upset. Holly J. is not feeling a connection with Sav, and intends to break up with him by telling his mother, but she approves of Holly J. Anya finds out Fiona is in love with Holly J. Jenna worries K.C.’s apartment won’t be ready for the baby, and freaks out after he does not set up the crib when he said he would.

“Drop the World” Part Two

Clare realizes that Eli scares her, and asks for space. Eli reacts very emotional, and crashes his car, resulting in a trip to the hospital, Clare breaks up with him. Holly J. tries to direct Fiona’s love for her elsewhere, when that does not work, they talk to set things straight. Jenna goes into labour at the school dance, while K.C. is partying with his friends at his apartment, they meet at the hospital.


The series is presented in 1.78:1 widescreen aspect ratio and looks pretty good.  It’s on DVD so it is not 1080p, but the picture is still clear and the movements and the shading are almost top notch.  A little bit of noise here and there but overall a nice video presentation.  The audio is about the same as the video.  It”s good, but this is not a high octane action series, so the sound is not “blow your house down” loud.  The dialogue is clear and crisp and the score and music sounds robust.


– Music Videos

– Bloopers

– Commentaries on  select episodes

– Numerous webisodes


Degrassi will always hold a special place in my heart.  This new era of Degrassi isn’t for me, but for people in their teens and pre-teens will definitely love it since it speaks to heir generation as did the Degrassi did for me when I was growing up.  The audio/video is great quality being that it is on DVD and the extras are really good.  If you are a fan of Degrassi and were born after 1990 then you will like this series.

-Bryan Kluger

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