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I’ve been thinking of starting a new column and I’m going to try it out starting today.  This column will be called ‘Geek Image of the Day’.  It will consist of cool and geeky images such as: original artwork, lost vintage magazine artwork, and behind the scenes images.  This marks the first post of the Geek Image of the Day and we will see how well it does.  Let me know if you like it.

‘These Fucking Amateurs’  by Evanimal

'These Fucking Amateurs' by: Evanimal
'These Fucking Amateurs' by: Evanimal

screen printed
18″ x 24″
edition of 150
signed and numbered by the artist

Check out Evanimal HERE.

I like this print a lot.  ‘Fargo’ mixed with ‘Pulp Fiction’ is just so sweet.  Love this print.

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