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Yes, Disney has just set two release dates for unknown Marvel Comics films.  Both of which are in 2014.  So we know there will be an ‘Iron Man 3’ film, and sequels to both ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America’.  Also there will be an ‘Ant-Man’ film made by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead/Scott Pilgrim) and Joe Cornish who did the amazing ‘Attack The Block’ film.  Could it be possible that Joss Whedon will be working back to back on an ‘Avengers’ sequel?

Also, Pixar announced that it will release a film in 2014 as well, but the title is being kept under wraps.  I would like to think it would be a sequel to ‘The Incredibles’, but I have no idea.  The exact release dates are May 16, 2014 and June 27, 2014 for the two Marvel Comics films, and May 30, 2014 for the Pixar film.  Let us not forget that there is also another Pixar film in the works that is currently unknown as well for a 2013 release.

You have any ideas?  Let us know.

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