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Check out what Anne Hathaway looks like as Catwoman from the set of the third Batman film, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’!!!  I’m going on a limb here and saying this third Batman film will be AWESOME.  But in the back of my mind, I am thinking it will turn out like Spidey 3.  I hope not.  Your thoughts?

Via /FILM, Shortlist.

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Edward Wilson:
[reading] They are right what they say about me. I was weak. A coward. I compromised myself. My honor. My family. My country. I am ashamed of myself. To my wife, I am sorry I've done this to you. To my son, I hope you will grow to be a courageous man. A good husband. A good father. I hope whatever you decide to do, you lead a good, full life. I hope whatever your dreams may be come true. Your loving husband and father.
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