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Tango and Cash.  Murtaugh and Riggs.  Turner and Hooch.  Carter and Lee.  And now we will have Jonah Hill and Mark Wahlberg teaming up to add to this ever growing list of Buddy Action Cop Films.  The movie will be called ‘Good Time Gang’ and “follows two party-happy mercenaries who decide to take on a more serious case involving a terrorist, only to find their mission complicated when they discover one of them is related to the target.”

The project has been described by people close to the production as a take on the ‘Lethal Weapon’ series with more emphasis on the action than the comedy.  Max Landis has been writing the film who is John Landis’ son.  Just can;t picture Jonah Hill in a big action film, but I’m sure it will be  great to see this pair take out terrorists.  Officially on my radar.

Your thoughts?

Via LA Times.

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