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Kevin Costner has just joined Quentin Tarantino’s Spaghetti Western ‘Django Unchained’.  He is set to play a character named Ace Woody.  “He’s the sadistic trainer of the male fighting slaves who entertain the white patrons of Candyland as well as the female slaves who are forced to be prostitutes.”  This is a different role for Costner as he will be more of the villain than the good guy.  Plus, I think this will re-vitalize Costner’s career in a good way.  I already can’t wait to see this film.

“The club and ranch are owned by Calvin Candie (DiCaprio) and Ace Woody is the one who pits the “mandingo” fighters against one another, and has little qualms about mistreating and even killing the slaves who don’t measure up.”   Supposedly the roles that Costner and DiCaprio play in ‘Django Unchained’ are just as insane and sadistic as Waltz’s character from ‘Inglorious Basterds’.  “Foxx will play the title character, a slave-turned-bounty hunter who must take on those villains to free his slave wife.”

This is shaping up to be AMAZING.  I just can’t wait to see Kevin Costner and DiCaprio as a mean son-of-a-bitch.

Your thoughts?

Via Deadline.

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