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I have been laughing for the last ten minutes.  Cowdefender and I go way back.  Over a decade back.  We have seen in that span of time something like 3000 movies together.  Never once have I seen him walk out of a film.  And over the years we have seen some serious shit films.  So when he notified me that he walked out of a film, I immediately laughed out loud.  I mean I know this film would be awful, but I’m just so happy it was so bad to make Cowdefender walk out.  Well, here is his EPIC review.  Enjoy.

The Undefeated

This is undoubtedly a piece of propaganda.  But it was at least well done?

I’ll lead with the fun:  The movie is ineptly put together, the documentarian only likely shot the “interviews” where a variety of former Palin subordinates, who all seemed to hold her in VERY high esteem.  These individuals stood before white backdrops and as there was seemingly no footage to show for much of the film, they did visual effects like flipping the picture to black and white for a few seconds, or making the camera pan over a little or zoom in or out a bit.  Making a potentially boring interview “dynamic.”  This was likely 45% of what I saw.  But the lack of proper footage to show continued!  The next biggest slice of the pie of what I saw was stock footage and b-roll!  Adaptable images of money burning, a kid fanning himself with money, swooping shots of Alaskan mountains, a man in a suit looking quizzically, another getting off a plane, another still getting choked by another businessman.  This footage usually played over excerpts from Sarah Palin’s voice reading her audiobook to us and sometimes over the interviews with her subordinates.  Sometimes it seemed related, sometimes it didn’t and sometimes you’d seen it before.  This was maybe 40% of the footage you’ll see.  The remaining bit was news footage…  Oh!  And the soundtrack!  They scored this thing like a horror movie!  And they killed tons of time!  The opening took maybe 8 minutes.  Transitions between parts of the movie included a bumper with text and snow on black backdrop and sinister music… these typically were on the screen for 30 seconds and you saw it fairly often.

Now to the politics stuff.  I went in having read quite a lot about what they might cover.  It was strange as they sorta smashed things together and removed timelines to make a viewer think that perhaps all the good was Palin’s doing.  The movie painted a picture of Palin being very ethical and savvy with the business stuff, but with how one sided it was it didn’t let me swallow that, it made me wonder if maybe it was sorta true.  And it made mention of things like “Palin’s early detractors being mean and vocal” but not addressing what their complaints were…

The director loves Palin deeply on some level, uncritical love.  This teamed with a deficiency in skill and budget and access made the film as essentially worthless.  A better, more entertaining, shorter, more educational thing to do than watching this would be reading Sarah Palin’s website, then reading about her on factcheck.org, politifact or even snopes then watching this clip from Better Off Ted:

Rating:  2/10


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