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Disney has been releasing volumes of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Cartoons with their ‘Have a Laugh’ series which gives you five vintage Mickey and friends cartoons.  You have the option to watch them in their original format or their remastered format which have different voice action and different music.  In addition to that, you will get 3 Blams which are very short animated clips that revolve around a subject and 1 “Re-Mick which is a cartoon synched up with some current pop song.

Disney’s ‘Have A Laugh’ Volume 4

Much like Volume 3, this has five vintage Mickey cartoons that are remastered as well as their original format.  Two of the cartoons were some of my favorite of all time animated shorts.  So this was a real treat to see.  Loved watching these again.  These still hold up today and I have no qualms saying that kids today and in the future will continue to enjoy these vintage Mickey Mouse Disney cartoons.

Per Disney:

Just when you thought it was safe to stop laughing yourself silly, Mickey and his pals are back with more sidesplitting Have A Laugh high jinks!

Have an outrageously g’day with Mickey and Pluto when their adventure Down Under goes way over the top, thanks to a wayward boomerang and a humongous ostrich. Kick up your heels with Donald as his fireside hula dance “heats up” hilariously. Then, ride a tide of laughs with Goofy as he tries to catch a wave and BLAM! gets clobbered by his surfboard.

Fully restored and remastered, these incredible cartoons also feature a new “Re-MICKS,” a mash-up music video of crazy cartoon clips remixed to the hit song “Play My Music” performed by the Jonas Brothers. It’s a bold, new approach to classic comedy that’ll make your spirits soar. Overflowing with fun and surprises, Have a Laugh Volume 4 will paste a permanent smile on your face!

Episodes include: ‘Mickey’s Down Under’, ‘Hawaiian Holiday’, ‘Trailer Horn’, ‘How To Swim’, and ‘Pluto’s Surprise Package’.

‘Mickey’s Down Under’ and ‘Pluto’s Surprise Package’ are amongst my favorite animated shorts ever.  The original music and animation are astounding.  It really was such a fun time watching these again.  I could not stand the re-mastered versions done differently.  It reminded me of how Lucas destroyed his own creation.  But luckily, unlike Lucas, they did include the originals on the DVD.  I liked that quite a bit.  These cartoons are classic and are genuinely funny and still hold up today.  The remastered versions look amazing, but the new audio is very distracting, at least for me.  And I think if younger kids watched the original versions, I’d bet they prefer those to the remastered versions. Still, highly recommended.

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