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Archaia Entertainment held a panel this past weekend at SDCC 2011 and revealed a bit of very cool news to its audience.  Archaia is a comic book publisher whose titles and status are becoming larger and bigger every week.  Well it seems that Archaia who has partnered with Jim Henson studios before in publishing some Muppets and Fraggle Rock comic book titles, that there is a long lost 1968 movie script written by Jim Henson that has not been produced or made.  And Archaia plans to get things rolling.

The script in question which was written by Henson and longtime collaborator Jerry Juhl in 1968 is called ‘A Tale of Sand’.  It was mentioned that it will come out in comic book form, but no mention was made if it was to come out in the form of a feature film.  I’m sure it will.  But the plot of ‘A Tale of Sand’ is being kept under wraps for the time being.  But Archaia did give the audience a sense of tone to the script which was very dark and Philip K. Dick style and more in line with Henson’s experimental work from the 60’s.  So I’d imagine in the coming weeks we will find out what this ‘A Tale Of Sand’ is all about.

Another announcement Archaia made was that Archaia is working on comic-book prequels to LABYRINTH and THE DARK CRYSTAL, both in
collaboration with original conceptual artist Brian Froud.  Now that is some badass news.  Bring back Bowie!!!

Your thoughts?

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