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Warner Bros. will be pursuing the sequel of ‘Green Lantern’ despite what some would say a box office failure.  Yes the film cost $200 million.  It has not made its money back yet no, but it has only been out for two weeks.  It will make its money back guaranteed.  It’s just not the huge instant money maker the studio hoped for.  So far in its two weeks it has made over $90 million dollars.  Add several more weeks for domestic release and add foreign markets.  Then add the dvd/bluray.  It will get over that $200 million mark.  I’d imagine they will cut the budget in half or more for the sequel.  Honestly, the ‘Green Lantern; film could have easily been made for less than $100 million.  I am looking forward to the sequel.  Read my review for ‘Green Lantern’ HERE.

Your thoughts?

Via Hollywood Reporter.

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