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Yes that’s right  We have been hearing about a remake of the Kevin Bacon film ‘Footloose’ for some time now.  Well we finally have a trailer for it, and to be honest, it doesn’t look half bad.  It is directed by Craig Brewer which he directed ‘Hustle and Flow’ and ‘Black Snake Moan’.  So you know Craig has the talent and he is very much into music going by those movies.  I remember seeing the original ‘Footloose’ growing up, and while I never was one of its huge fanatics, it still holds a good place in my mind. Now Brewer has updated the film for a new generation and I imagine fans of the original will either hate or love it.  But with Brewer’s talent, it is looking to be that people will enjoy it.

Enjoy the trailer.

Your thoughts?

And here for nostalgic reasons is the original trailer.

By Bryan Kluger

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