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Universal Pictures is looking courting Jason Bateman to star alongside Vince Vaughn for a new comedy called ‘Insane Laws’.  The actors have already done a table read, and are negotiating the deals now with the actors.  “The plan is for Bateman and Vaughn to play longtime best friends, who’ve shared everything, from college to the time both got married and had kids at the same time. Cut to when those kids are away at college, and, unbeknownst to their parents, falling in love. The best friend relationship is sorely tested when the daughter of Vaughn’s character gets pregnant.”

Now I do not want to get ahead of myself here, but most of the comedies Vince Vaughn has been in recently have been less than stellar.  I hope the writers and director will do a good job.  Their credits seem to make me think this can be good.  It has a creative enough story, but I can see this not going well.  But don’t take it from me.  I’m one of the only ones who very much disliked ‘Wedding Crashers’ and most of all the other comedies Vince Vaughn has been in for the last several years.

Your thoughts??

Via Deadline.

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