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DiCaprio and Beyonce To Star Together In A Clint Eastwood Film?!?!  That is a sentence I never thought I would type or say in my entire life.  But it is quite possibly to come true.  Eastwood is still planning on remaking the classic film ‘A Star Is Born’ with Beyonce.  But right now, Eastwood is hard at work on his current project ‘J. Edgar Hoover’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

I guess DiCaprio and Eastwood have developed a great relationship on set and Eastwood is courting him to star alongside Beyonce in ‘A Star is Born’.   At the moment, Beyonce is promoting her new album and DiCaprio will be filming Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ in which he will play the villain.  At one point it was rumored that Will Smith would star with Beyonce, and that begs the question…..Who would be a better fit??? Smith or DiCaprio?

Your thougths?

Via Deadline.

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