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If this works, this could be the future of cinemas.  Movie Pass which is in the beta stage will allow an individual see an unlimited amount of movies in a theater for $50.00 a month by using their smartphones as tickets.  Using the application on the phone will allow the subscriber to search for films and theaters, select times, and check in with the designated theater of their choice and go straight to the ticket taker.  Pretty cool huh??

“The all-you-can-watch service, announced Monday with a private beta starting in the San Francisco Bay Area just in time for the Fourth of July blockbuster weekend, is looking to shake up the theater business in much the same way Netflix has changed the DVD-rental game.”

MoviePass will launch with an “unlimited pass” service allowing subscribers to go to as many films as they can stand for $50 a month. If they want to see a 3-D or Imax film, they will pay a $3 surcharge. A “limited pass” offering four movies a month for $30 is in the works.”

I think this is an awesome idea.  Let’s just hope it pans out.  I am wondering how they will go over with R rated films with under age kids trying to get in.  It will be interesting to see how that works.

Your thoughts?

Via Wired.

********** UPDATE *********

Well it looks like most of the theaters that were going to participate in this trial run in San Francisco claim to not have known about this Movie Pass.  One of the biggest theater chains AMC issued a press release.  Read below:

Kansas City, Mo. (June 30, 2011) – AMC Theatres® (AMC), a leading theatrical exhibition and entertainment company, today announced it will not participate in the beta test of MoviePass, an initiative launching this weekend in the San Francisco area.

“Plans for this program were developed without AMC’s knowledge or input,” said Stephen Colanero, chief marketing officer at AMC Theatres. “As MoviePass is currently designed, it does not integrate well into our programs and could create significant guest experience issues.”

Some concerns with the program include AMC Stubs members’ ability to receive credit when purchasing a MoviePass. AMC Stubs, the company’s rewards program, was rolled out in April 2011 and rewards participants for ticket and concessions purchases.

“As MoviePass was created without AMC’s input and testing, we cannot confidently say the guest experience would be positive for our guests and specifically our AMC Stubs members,” said Colanero. “We were surprised to see the press release and subsequent press coverage of MoviePass earlier this week as it included several of our San Francisco locations. It was news to us to see that we were participants and we will be communicating to those theatres they are not to accept MoviePass.”

Variety just ran a piece saying that all the companies who own theaters on the initial MoviePass list will refuse to honor the subscription.  Landmark, Camera Cinemas and Big Cinemas Towne 3 all say they didn’t have prior communication with MoviePass.”

So, I guess this is a huge blow to the Movie Pass company and now I wonder if it will ever get off the ground.  Or was it all some big scam to begin with.  I hope not.  I think it was a cool idea.

Your thoughts??

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2 thoughts on “**UPDATE** All-You-Can-Watch MoviePass Brings Netflix Model to Theaters!!! **UPDATE** To Good To Be True!!”
  1. This is totally the right idea. I’ve said for years that AMC (or other companies) should have movie passes or at least discounts for frequent customers.

    So basically you break even by watching 5-6 movies a month depending on where you go. Right now I don’t think this would be a great deal for me, but back before I had a new baby in the family, this would have been awesome.

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