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We posted a story back in MARCH which you can view HERE about Quentin Tarantino looking to make his next project.  We reported it would most likely be a hardcore Western film.  Well, it looks like we have a title for his next film which is “Django Unchained”.  This title will most likely make some of you out there go ape-shit!

You might recognize that title from Sergio Corbucci’s Western from 1966 starring Franco Nero.  This is an amazing brutal and bloody as fuck Western film.  Tarantino’s last film, “Inglorious Basterds” was influenced quite a bit by the 1978 War film “Inglorious Basterds”.  Now Tarantino’s version was not a remake nor a spin-off of the original 1978 version, but it did heavily influence his final product.  I am betting this will be the same for his “Django Unchained”.

I saw the story on Aintitcool and Hitfix.

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4 thoughts on “Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained”!!!”
  1. Don’t forget about Sukiyaki Western Django, directed by Takashi Miike and starring Quentin Tarantino. It likely has some influence as well!

  2. Django Unchained is supposedly about a former slave teaming up with Christoph Waltz in what I hope will be a spaghetti blaxploitation.


    As for Sikiyaki Western Django, I think there we saw Takashi Miike, genius that he is, gave us his love for Westerns and Samurais in a wonderful bloody film. I’d still say Magnificent Seven did it right the first time though by taking a Samurai story and making into a western. Still, I’m sure good things will come.

  3. Yeah I thought Waltz would be involved at some point, glad to see his here. His schedule is filling up. Yeah I think it will be Tarantino’s nod to the western genre. Then he will do his Kill Bill 3.

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