Amazingly Crazy Piranha 3D Sequel Casting News!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on May 12th, 2011

Hi Bryan Here…

Got A press release that is stating David Hasselhoff is joining the Piranha 3D sequel entitled ‘Piranha 3DD’.  LOL.  That’s what she said.  Not only is Hasselhoff joining the sequel, but also Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames, and Gary Busey amongst others.

Per the Press Release:



David Hasselhoff heads back to the water in this year’s PIRANHA 3DD.  He joins the previously announced cast which includes Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Scheer, Gary Busey, Katrina Bowden, Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, Chris Zylka and David Koechner.

Trading in the sandy beaches of “Baywatch” for terror at The Big Wet Water Park, Hasselhoff will face off with the flesh eating fish of PIRANHA 3DD.

A Dimension Films release, PIRANHA 3DD opens nationwide on November 23, 2011.

I am just glad to see a ridiculous sequel to this movie.  I only wish there would have been or there will be a sequel to Snakes on A Plane.  I know, you know, we all know Sam is up for it.  ‘Snakes on a Cruise’.  But that cast only means we are in for one hell of a crazy fucking ride.

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2 Responses to “Amazingly Crazy Piranha 3D Sequel Casting News!!!”

  1. fedmex Says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard all day. I completely fell in love with P3D. I coulda sworn Ving’s character had died, but I’m sure he’ll be the wise legless survivor of the first massacre. Lloyd reprising his role is great news, and I would be concerned about the absolute ridiculousness that is sure to come from Busey and the Hoff, but if P3D taught us anything, it’s that Mr. Asaj will deliver awesome ridiculousness.

  2. Gumbercules9000 Says:

    Yeah Busey and Hoff. Hopefully they will get Mel Gibson, Betty White, and Patrick Stewart to make cameos in the sequel as well. Would be amazing.

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