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According to the AMC website and TheOneRing, WB, and New Line are gearing up for their bluray releases of the Extended versions of the Lord of the Rings by releasing the extended versions of Lord of the Rings back into the theater for one night only for each film.  Now I have watched all three of these films on average 150 times each.  I try to watch all three extended versions in a row in one sitting at least twice a year.

Each film will be released back in the theater starting June 14th.  They will start with “Fellowship of the Ring” on June 14th followed by “The Two Towers” on June 21st followed by “Return of the King” on June 28th.

Tickets are not available yet, but check back here soon to  find out when they go on sale.  I expect long long lines again at the theater.  I remember when these films first were released at the theaters almost a decade ago.  I remember waiting in 8-10 hour lines to see the film.

No word yet on if these will be the original prints of the films or the bluray hi-def versions of the films that will be shown in the theater.

I for one wish that they would make an event again to show all three films in their extended versions all in one sitting.  That is over 12 hours of AWESOME!!!

By Bryan Kluger

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