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Starting today, April 29, 2011, the online streaming television service has been added to the XBOX 360 console.  Not much has been said about this from the Microsoft or Hulu people, but rest assured, I have confirmed this.  We knew about this combining of forces a while ago, but neither company really elaborated on the issue.

Per Joystiq:

“According to the magazine  (XBOX MAGAZINE) (if, of course, the “magazine” isn’t a well-executed fake) Microsoft will promote the launch with a contest, wherein each week from April 29 through May 30, prizes will be awarded to randomly chosen Hulu Plus users. The prizes range from Beaches Resort trips to free Xbox 360 bundles and Hulu Plus subscriptions.”

Right now you can get a one week free trial of Hulu Plus thru your XBOX 360.  I wonder if the Xbox and PS3 will be gaining momentum in competing with Apple TV, Roku, and Boxee Box.

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