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So I am sure you have all seen the hit documentary “King of Kong” about achieving the high score of Donkey Kong and the battle of good vs. evil.  I am course speaking about Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe.  To quote my earlier article about this matter, …..”since the documentary where Wiebe beat Mitchell(the champ for highest donkey kong score) , and then Mitchell beating Wiebe for the title back, the newcomer, Hank Chien (a plastic surgeon) defeated Mitchell for the title only to have Mitchell take the title back from Chien.  But then Wiebe stole the title from Chien this past September only to be knocked back down to 2nd place by Chien this past January.  WHHHHEEEEWWWW!!!  This new documentary is about Hank Chien.”  DOCTOR KONG: CUTTING UP THE COMPETITION!!!

Director Alexis Neophytides knew she was onto something when she started making this documentary short.  Hank Chien is such a joy to watch.  He is everyone’s hero and “The People’s Champ”.  Chien is a NYC plastic surgeon who is a BADASS at video gaming, especially Donkey Kong which might be the most difficult video game still on this planet.  We journey with Hank as we see him play Kong in tourney’s come to terms with his new found fame, how he balances his gaming and high profile demanding job as a surgeon, his Guinness Record attempt, and his trek to find love.    Such a great story.  Even better that it is true and Hank still is the World Champion of Donkey Kong.

I really enjoyed seeing Hank mingle with his fans and his newly found fame and glory.  He handles it well.  And he is a true and honest person and loves to laugh.  His laugh is very infectious and will make you a fan of his for years to come.  He is the good guy to root for.  It was also really cool to see how the hand/eye coordination and the concentration he uses when he is operating on a patient and how he uses that skill to be the best at a video game.

This little gem of a documentary is full of inspiration, love, and fun.  I really wish I could show this to the world.  It really is a wonderful feeling when you can come away from watching a film about a person who fins love, fame, himself by playing a video game.  Hank Chien is one hell of a world champion and such a class act.  You will find yourself smiling ear to ear watching this documentary.  And keep an eye out for Alexis Neophytides.  Her direction and camerawork will take her places.

Think Donkey Kong Thoughts!!!

By Bryan Kluger

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