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This is a little late to the site, but if you haven’t seen the new “SUPER 8” trailer yet, then it will blow you away.  Ad if you have already seen the trailer, I bet you are ready to see it again.  It reminds me of when I was younger and seeing the films back in the early 80’s and how good and inspiring they were.  It has that nostalgic feel to it.

When seeing this theatrical trailer that runs a little over two minutes, you will think of the early work of Spielberg and Jim Henson.  It has an E.T. quality to it.  It just brought me back to that time when most films made you feel a range of emotions and put you right in the heart of their characters.

This film is going to blow all of our  minds. I have no doubt.  With J.J Abrams and Spielberg creating this masterpiece, we will all be satisfied.

Enjoy the trailer below again and again.

Watch the Trailer 2 HERE at Apple’s site in GLORIOUS QUICKTIME.


Watch it on youtube below.

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