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Director James Wan (known for the original Saw movie) has a new film coming out and that will be playing at SXSW.  It is called Insidious and is being labeled as a haunting story.

This film has been shown only a couple of times and is being compared to Poltergeist.  Let us hope  it can be as good as Poltergeist.

Below is the poster for the film.  It looks great.  Looking forward to it.

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Movie Quotes

[picking skin off his back] Ooh yesh. Yesh yesh yesh yesh. This is a keeper.
Dr. Evil:
Aaaall right... you're not going to put that skin in your mouth, are you?
[eats piece of skin]
Dr. Evil:
You did... ok... that's just gross.
[Mini me cringes and shakes head]
Yesh, salty. Yesh that was good.
Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) The Movie Quotes