Jack White’s Surprise SXSW Performance

by NapkinArt on Mar 17th, 2011

Photo by Gary Graff, Billboard (2011)

What would you do if you saw a giant yellow truck with “Third Man Records” scrawled across the sides pull into a parking lot, and see Jack White step out armed with a white acoustic guitar as big as he is? Chances are, you would scream like a girl and know immediately you were in for a real treat.

White, the Nashville-based music genius treated a handful of SXSW festival goers to an impromptu performance of Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away” as well as the White Stripes classic “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground.”

White then introduced the crowd to his latest recording artist, Seasick Steve, complete with full-on ‘ZZ Top’ beard, trucker hat and an electric three stringed guitar. Despite a few technical glitches that caused the truck to temporarily lose power, the appreciative and patient crowd happily cheered Steve through the remainder of his song.

Check out NPR’s video of the entire performance here, and be sure to catch White’s fascinating weekly interview with ‘All Songs Considered’ host Bob Boilen, called “The Flipside”.

If you happen to be in Austin Thursday (today) and Friday, rumor has it you will be able to catch White’s ‘Rolling Record Store’ at Waterloo Records. Who knows, he just may play there, too.

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