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Now I have spoken out on who should play Lois Lane before.  My first suggestion has always been Selma Blair.  She looks the part and is one hell of an actress.  But this news according to Hero Complex that actress Amy Adams (The Fighter, Enchanted, Catch Me If You Can) has been cast as Lois Lane is wonderful.  Amy Adams has been nominated for an Oscar for her acting three times.  She is one hell of an actress and I believe she will be the best Lois Lane yet.

Zack Snyder’s “Superman: Man of Steel” is shaping up to be AWESOME.

Now we need a great actor to play Zod and Lex.  Time will tell.  I am very happy to see Amy Adams in this role.  She is so charming and witty, and full of life.  She will be excellent.

Your thoughts?

By Bryan Kluger

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