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Most of you might know of Chuck Palahniuk as the writer of Fight Club,  Choke, and Haunted.  And in 2008 he wrote a book called “Snuff” which is (like his other novels) being made into a film.  So far the actor list they have is pretty astonishing and I am very much looking forward to this movie.

Snuff is basically a tale of an aging pornstar who wants her “last hoorah” to be a gigantic event by having a 600 person gangbang.  The story is told from many points of view, mostly being from the guys who are waiting in line for their two minutes of sloppy fame.  And through these stories we get the raw reality of the porn industry in all its glory and downfalls.

So Palahniuk wrote on his BLOG yesterday that he got word from his director, Fabien Martorell, that they have cast their first three actors.  It seems that Fabien has worked with Troma for a while.  COOL.

Daryl Hannah will play the aging pornstar.

Tom Sizemore will play #600 (as in the 600th person to fuck the pornstar) who also brought Hannah’s character into the porn industry all those years ago.

And Thora Birch who will play the “talent wrangler”.

I say that is one badass cast to start out with.

I have read all of Palahniuk’s books and each one still comes to the front of my mind daily in some form or another.  Haunting, but spectacular.

Purchase the book below.

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