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This will be the official page for my 4th annual Oscar 2011 Live Commentary.  There will be tons of trivia, hilarious posts, and most importantly prizes for trivia.  Check on this page, MY TWITTER HERE, or my Facebook for all the live updates. I will begin each trivia question for a prize with BOT (Boomstick Oscar Trivia).  To answer, comment on this post or reply to MY TWITTER.  No facebook answers will be admitted.

We are very excited and are ready to roll the red carpet out.

Stay tuned.

Red Carpet has started….

I wish Gary Busey would host the red carpet….

Milla Kunis looks great…

Go Hailee Steinfeld….!!!! She deserves to win!!

Hey it’s Michael Cera… HA.. Go Jesse. He is great. Tell us about Zombieland 2….

Amy Adams I believe was in the great mockumentary, Drop Dead Gorgeous…

Hey its Keyser Söze!!!!…He is awesome…

I think Russell Brand looks like Weird Al. Please sing your song, “Inside You”….

Those kids will be singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  Cue Tears…

The Woodland Elf is beautiful. She going to be in the hobbitt?? Cool Dress Cate….

Best Actor Mom’s talking about the noms as a child. Haaaa. Hilarious…

Ha one oscar nominee always went to Rocky Horror Picture Show…. Badassss!!!!!

Ruffalo will be the new Hulk in the Avengers movie….

Marissa Tomei just said she would be thrilled to play Lady GaGa in a film….Whoa…..

Manny from Modern Family is hilarious…Crossing Hugh Jackman’s name out..Ha…

Hey it’s that died from Dazed and Confused!!! They stay the same age….

Man these red carpet interviews are so fucking awkward….Damn….

Matthew McConaughey just said, ˝negatory. HA…

Anne Hathaway is awesome. She looks beautiful. Do well Anne…

I once wrote the entire novel of The Shining on Resse Witherspoon’s forehead. Love Reese. She was in American Psycho…

Reese is Team Edward??? Edward Scissorhands???

Robert Downey Jr is great. Check out one of his first roles in Less Than Zero….

Natalie Portman looks beautiful as always. She should wear the V mask at some time tonight….She will win tonight…Well she better win..

James Franco looks nervous….Hope he and Rogen or a Freaks and Geeks reunion will happen on stage tonight…Heres to hope…Go Franco…

That chick from Speed is an Oscar Winner…..Weiiiird!!!!

Gweneth Paltrow just said she would rather sing with Jay -Z than anyone else ever. Haaa… Big Pimpin!!!

Christian Bale is Grizzly Adams!!!

Awkward interview with that chick from Gothika!!!

When Speilberg walks by you say Hi…no matter what…

The Turner and Hooch will present the first award. Go T.HANKS and thanks T.HANKS.

Fairly finny opening so far…

Morgan Freeman rocks….

Mr. Baldwin. Haaaa….

Fuck yES. Back to the Future. Deloreon. Awesome….

When this baby hits 88mph you’re going to see some serious shit….

Granny said… I just saw Marky Mark!!! Haaaaaaa….

Was Tom Hanks in Gone With The Wind??? WTF??

The award for best ART DESIGN goes to Alice in Wonderland… That whole film was CGI.. BULLSHIT!!! BULLSHIT!!

The award for BEST Cinematography goes to INCEPTION. HELL yes. Well deserved.

Bot Question. What was Inception director’s Christopher Nolan’s first feature film he directed???

Spartacus got old. Love Douglas.

Kirk Douglas = Charlie Sheen in 3 weeks.

DICK CLARK is laughing at KIRK DOUGLAS..

Best Supporting Actress goes to Melissa Leo. Congrats Melissa Leo. Wanted Hailee Steinfeld to win. Sad face…

Melissa Leo is a FUCKING ROCKSTAR!!!

Oscars just announced, Kirk Douglas hosting show next year.

Timberlake is Bansky.  HAAAA.  AWESOME.

Kirk Douglas died during that acceptance speech…

Award for Best animated short film goes to….The Lost Thing. Awesome. Beat out pixar. congrats guys.


animated feature film…come on toy story 3…..

Award for Best Animated feature goes to…..TOY STORY 3. My favorite film of the year. HOOORAY!!!

Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network.  Awesome.  Well deserved and great speech.

Best Original Screenplay goes to The King’s Speech.  Great.  Great speech as well.  Love writers.

Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin should have come out as their characters from No COuntry For Old Men….

Every screenwriter in America wishes they were the Ziploc baggie of mushrooms in Sorkin’s anus right now.

Could have done without the  Anne Hathaway song….

Franco in Drag + Charlie Sheen Joke = Gold!!!

The upcoming stars of the remake of Arthur are on stage.  Cool.

When Helen Mirren wins Oscars she celebrates at In & Out Burger!! True story.

Best Foreign Film goes to In A Better World.  Congrats.  Didn’t see it.

Best Supporting Actor Award goes to…BATMAN.  cHRISTIAN bALE WINS.  AWESOME.

wow, christian bale got fat!

Christian Bale is wearing the same beard the Others wore on #Lostseason two

Bot Question. What Christian Bale films did he play the character of Jaimie “Jim Graham??

During the “envelope pan”, would be so cool if one of the labels said, fleetingly, “Widest Cooch.

Where’s Paul Hogan and Mel Gibson with this Aussie Duo???


Best Original Score Goes to…..Trent Reznor….Social Network!!!!!  AWESOME!! CONGRATS guys.

Please, Trent – burst into “I WANNA FUCK YOU LIKE AN ANIMAL!” right there, Oscar in hand.

Best Sound Mixing Award Goes To….INCEPTION.  Hell Yes!!!  Awesome job.

Stoner moment: MM/ScarJo talking “Sound… SOOUNddddd…”

Best Sound Editing Award Goes To….INCEPTION again.  Hot Damn, Inception is getting it done.

McConaughey’s skin color — Cement Orange.

Marisa Tomei is HOT!!!!!

Introducing Cate Blanchett they play Lord of the Rings music. I want to watch the Lord of the Rings now.

Best Make-Up goes to…..The Wolfman Rick Baker.  He always wins.  And rightfully so.

Rick Baker did make up on Michael Jackson’s Thriller and American Werewold in London!!!

“The Academy Award winning The Wolfman”  Weird to say!!!

Award for Best costume Design goest to Alice in Wonderland. 2 For Alice.

Obama called in the classic “As Time Goes By”.

This fucking category..Best Song” is BULLSHIT. It should got to Scott Pilgrim. Fuck you Academy!!

Kevin Spacey needs to Host 2012 Oscars!!! Make it happen!!

Obama shouting out to Casablanca made smile. Bush would have picked Shrek.

The random couple from the music montage singing BEAUTY & THE BEAST to each other are gonna fuck SO hard tonight.

These songs this year is complete BULLSHIT COVERED IN TURTLE PISS!! Scott Pilgrim should win and should been nominated!! Fuck you Oscars!!

Best Documentary: Short Subject Goes To…..Starangers No More. Congrats you guys!!

Best Live Action Short Film Goes To….God Of Love.  Congrats Guys!!!

Best line of the night so far…”I should’ve got a hair cut!!” awesome!

2nd Best line from same guy” thanks to my mom, who was the craft service lady on the film”. He is awesome!!

“God of Love” made by college students! Congrats.

Luke Matheny — funny, heartfelt and spontaneous. And those 3 things now leave the Oscar stage for the rest of the show!


Best Documentary goes to…….Inside Job!!!  Fuck My Ass!!1 Banksy…do something!!! Kanye!!??  Anybody??  Just Kidding.  Congrats!!

Kodak Theatre’s gettin’ tagged tonight. #Oscars #Banksy

OMG: Oprah just gave Jack Nicholson a NEW CAR!!!

Great seeing Billy Crystal on the Oscar stage again!!!

Thank u Charles Ferguson 4 pointing out not a single Wall St crook has gone 2 jail! And to the audience for applauding!

The Sherlock Holmes actors are out and presenting Best Special Effects!

Best Visual Effects award goes to….INCEPTION. INCEPTION is cleaning up!!! AWESOME!!!

INSHEEPSHUN sure is winning!!!!

Best film editing award goes to….. The Social Network.. Should have gone to 127 Hours or Scott Pilgrim!!!

James Franco looks like he’s modeling during hosting the Acadamy Awards.

Award for Best Song goes to….Randy Newman for Toy Story 3.  Should have been Scott Pilgrim!!!

Just tuned in, and Janice from the Muppets band is trying to sing.

Randy Newman Chicken???? YUMMMM!!

Facebook campaign for Randy Newman and Luke Matheny to host 2012 Oscars.

The Death Crawl always makes me tear up.  Miss all those people.

Did they send Celine out to give the audience courage to get through this?

Should’ve ended on Kevin McCarthy yelling, “YOU’RE NEXT!”


Sure, the Academy can deny Banksy the Oscar. But what they can’t deny him is throwing the best Oscar party in town.

If I die and you let Celine Dion sing at my funeral, I swear I will return from the grave and tear all of your arms and legs off!!!

Best Director award goes to …. Tom Hooper for King’s Speech.  Good job.  Not my pick though.

BOT Question.  Name two Stanley Kubrick Films Kirk Douglas starred in.

Dolph Lungren shouldve hosted the Oscars.

Everyone at the Oscar Party was disappointed in the Best Director Award!!! Nooooo! In my best darth vader impression!!

How many times will Lebowski say man or dude??

Nice PF Chang’s set behind Jeff Bridges.

Best Actress Award Goes To….NATALIE PORTMAN!!!  YES!!!  CONGRATS.  V FOR VENDETTA!!!

Please have the baby right now, Natalie.

Luc Besson got a shout out from Natalie Portman!! Le Profesional!!! AWESOME!

Sandra Bullock just called Bridges Dude!!! HAAAAA!!


The Bum Lost.  Condolences!  Do what your parents did.  Get a job sir!!

Daniel Day Lewis has the depth of commitment to the craft of acting to die just to liven up next year’s death montage.

I suppose it’d be in poor taste if Firth started his speech with a stutter.

BEST PICTURE OSCAR 2011GOES TO….THE KING’S SPEECH!!  Good movie.  Should NOT have won best picture!!! But COngrats!!

My best Darth Vader impression again… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

And thank you for sticking with us.  It was great.

Thank you!!

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