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Superman is being Rebooted from the previous film with new actors and crew.  Now Superman Returns was pretty bad.  Terrible story line.  But I thought Brandon Routh was the perfect Superman.  It just seems that Bryan Singer had too many execs trying to make Superman and we got a less than par film.   But maybe they are trying to do this right this time.

Henry Cavill has been cast as THE MAN OF STEEL.  And yes.  Henry Cavill is English.  I believe Zach Snyder knows what he is doing.  He directed 300, Watchmen, and the re-vamp of Dawn of the Dead.   You might recognize Cavill from Stardust and The Tudors.

Remember when that shitty director MCG wanted to make Superman and cast Beyonce as Lois Lane??  Well he wanted to cast Henry Cavill as Supes as well.

Cavill came back into the talks of Superman when Christopher Nolan saw him audition for Batman Begins for Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Only time will tell on this new Supes film, but I have faith that this will be a great movie.

How cool would it be if that DC would take Marvel’s cue and have other DC heroes in other DC heroes movies for a bit.  Like if Bruce Wayne showed up in Superman to try and get a JLA team going.  BADASS!

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