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Actor, Tom Hardy was interviewed in the UK the other day on the tv show, Alan Carr, and some tidbits of more Inception films and the upcoming Batman film were unleashed from the actor.

Inecption has made over $800 million dollars world wide so far, so it is pretty much inevitable that there would be a sequel of some sorts.  Or maybe a prequel.  Now I would like to see more Inceptions from the team in the first one, but it seemed like that everything was told and it had beautiful endings, and it was all wrapped up.  If it does happen, I hope the same crew and cast comes back.

In the interview, Hardy said, “he is signed up for more Ineception films…he is not sure when they would happen, but he is definitely signed up for them.”  Hardy went on to mention his upcoming role as Bane in the third installment of Batman.  He said, “he will not be wearing the gimp mask as they did in Joel’s Batman film all those years ago, and that he was bulking up a few dozen pounds.”

Sounds cool.  Nolan can do no wrong with Batman.  At least I hope not.  More Inception films is a big iffy topic.  Not sure if it will be good.  If they got the same people back, I’m sure there is still more story to tell.  Maybe a Bond like franchise.  Who knows??

what do you think?  Gimp mask or no gimp mask??

By Bryan Kluger

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