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Today’s geek deal of the day is the complete series of HBO’S Sex and the city!  Not the films.  Just the television series.  It is the complete deluxe edition collection on DVD.  Sorry no bluray on this one.

You will get:

All 94 episodes of the series plus both movies
Exclusive bonus content from all seasons, plus an all-new bonus disc featuring 90 minutes of exclusive interviews with Michael Patrick King and the writers
Alternate endings
Audio commentary
Behind the scenes
Deleted scenes

This set normally goes for $250.00.  But for today and tonight only, you can take off 60% which brings the whole set down to $99.99.  What a deal.  So if you don;t already own this, and you want to have parties with your girlfriends again like you did several years ago, then purchase this great set by clicking the picture link below.

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