Back in October 2010, Buffalo Springfield bandmates Neil Young, Stephen Stills (The Talent) and Richie Furay got together onstage for the first time in over 40 years during Young’s annual Bridge School Benefit concert. As most folks probably figured this was a one trick pony, the rumor mills have been running overtime the last couple of months whether or not the influential 1960s rock band would reunite for future gigs.

In November, Furay’s manager, David Spero, confirmed with Rolling Stone that the remaining members have been talking about the possibility of doing some tour dates. Days after the Bridge School gig, Furay said “We just picked up where we left off many, many years ago. It almost felt like going back in time.”For years it was said the band would never reunite to record or perform live, after a couple of failed attempts to get back together. Furay said he was hopeful about the possibility of doing more shows. “We certainly proved we can do this if we want to.”

Young’s long time bassist, Rick Rosas, filled in for the late Bruce Palmer, while Crosby, Still & Nash drummer Joe Vitale helmed the skins for the late Dewey Martin during the Bridge School Benefit. More than likely they would also serve as the rhythm section for future gigs.

Though it wouldn’t be a full-on reunion without Palmer and Martin, the core sound and writing talent is still present in the other three bandmates. It would fantastic to finally hear live versions of “Mr. Soul” and “Bluebird”, especially since I was not alive to hear the band at the height of their success in the late 1960s. However, Stills and Young are quite seasoned and would prove to be a delight to fans who have been wanting more of Buffalo Springfield all these years.

Will keep you posted on this story as it develops.

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