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What an excellent day this is for bluray announcements.  This news for some odd reason gets me so giddy.  I love the Ernest films.  Especially the older ones.  I enjoy the newer ones, but when i was a kid, I watched Ernest and Pee-Wee.  Jim Varney’s character of Ernest P. Worrell brought so much comedy and joy to my life growing up.  I am so excited that they are getting the hi-def treatement.

In an early announcement to retailers, Mill Creek Entertainment will release a double feature Ernest bluray that will consist of Ernest Goes to Camp and Ernest Goes To Jail.  The bluray double feature will hit stores and the internet on March 22nd of this year.

There are no extras or specs out yet, nor is their cover art available yet, but I am sure this will just be a high def transfer from the DVD versions.  The SRP on this is only $14.99 so that tells me there won’t be a whole lot of Extras.  But none the less, I will be purchasing these.

I can only hope the rest of the Ernest films will be released.  Maybe in the Criterion Form???

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