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The other day I posted a story HERE where I talked about an article that a guy who works for Disney wrote about all of those “walkaround” characters  you see at Disney Theme parks such as Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.  Basically the greedy asshole suits at Disney wanted to start charging kids and their families a sizeable charge for a “photopass” which would allow the kids and families to take pictures with their favorite characters behind velvet rope with security.

Now if you have been to Disney Theme Parks before, you would know that part of the magic is seeing you favorite icon on the street walking around and just going up to them and saying hi and getting a picture with your hero.  The only reason the suits wanted to do this was to make more money.  Thats all.  Greedy Fucks!  Now it seems there was a huge overwhelming response from that article and the suits have backed down and the characters and Walt have WON.

“Park management claims that it has no plans to prevent certain characters from roaming in their general areas, and that a recent move to tying more and more of them into scheduled meet-and-greets has been in response to feedback from guests who want to find characters more reliably.”

Read the entire article Here.

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